What is News App?
News App is a newly developed app that push news to the users's cell phone. The user simply need to install the app to start to get news feeds from you. All news pops up in the menu bar of the user's phone. These messages are send to the users basically free of charge (it only use a small crumb of data on the users side). You can now push news to 1000's of users within seconds totally free of charge.

Where is the current cost?
For example, a school with 1,000 children. Every time the schools sends out a bulk SMS it cost the school R600 (2 parents per child x 30c per SMS). The same example can be used with a church with 1,000 members. They send our various SMS messages per month to keep people up to date, but it cost them 30c per SMS, so they tend to cut back on SMS communication, forcing them to NOT send out daily motivational messages. An organization or business can easily spend thousand per year on SMS communication that is still highly priced.

What is the cost saving?
Now, once your app is running, your organization can send as many messages per day, with no limit on the message length. The danger here is that you might irritate your audience by posting long messages or posting messages too often. This tool must be used wisely to create a news app for your organization.

What is the cost?
The cost is R5,800 for setting up your app - both Android and iOS. This amount include the hosting money for the first year. Thereafter the fee is only R1500 per year for data, traffic and hosting. No other fees are payable.

How long do development take?
The average waiting period is 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the waiting list. Obviously we have a lot of new clients this time of the year. You will be updated every 2nd day on the progress of your app.

How to push news?
Every app owner get an unique URL where the app owner can post content. So all content that goes out to your audience is verified, and clear of spelling mistakes. The choice to post proper and relevant content totally depends on you, the owner of your News App.

How to market your app?
It's rather easy to market your app in-store with a few flyers and banners. Soon people will start to download your app, especially if you give a discount code that app users can use to get a small discount. There are literally dozens of ways to market your app.

My own logo and colour scheme?
We will most definately use your logo and colour scheme to develop your News App. After all, this is your own app, and it should fit in with your corporate look and branding. Please note that the app was developed to be very simple and easy to use, so extreme graphics cannot be accommodated.

Other Features!
Your News App will have 4 buttons on the buttom of the app that you can link with your website, Facebook page, office number or email. The app also shows news for the past 30 days, so the user side of the app never gets cluttered with chit-chat like in the case of whatsapp groups (unless you post too much content that will irritte your audience).